Month: May 2012

another slow day

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row 1k

10 ball slams/10 burpees/10 ghd

row 750m

20 ball slams/20 burpees/20 ghd

row 500m

30 ball slams/30 burpees/30 ghd

time 28:01


1 rm on 3 pos snatch


kept missing from the high hang

30 muscle ups


more like struggle ups. felt heavy and slow. wonk


and we’re off

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7×1 clean and jerks at 90%

160 failed on the second attempt. only one rep out of the seven felt like it should. got stuck at the bottom of two of the squat cleans. slow day… literally

back squat

8 reps @ 70% 160

8 reps @ 75% 170

4 reps @ 85% 190

4 reps @ 90% 205

all felt pretty good


helen got rained out. dt: 9:41. first round went fantastic but then it got hard in a hurry!!

the beginning

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Jenn Harris/age 35/height 5’3″ish/weight 157ish… working on it/right quad 23″ 🙂

This is my first experience blogging, so I have no real idea what I’m doing. However, the purpose of all this is to become a more proficient exerciser. Streamline efforts, improve technique, eliminate weaknesses via the Outlaw Way. I’m anxious, excited and hoping that I can keep up!!

Here goes…