Month: June 2012

lots of lifts…

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7×2 clean off high blocks plus 2 split jerks, worked up to 145

back squats, ended with 1×3 at 215

push press 5×3, worked up to 135

pause front squat 5×3, worked up to 155


4 rds: 150 shuttle run/20 c2b pulls/50 du/2 min rest




new cycle

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7×2 snatch from high blocks at 95

snatch high pulls at 155

drop snatch at 95

4×8 gh raises…these suck

5 mu/100m row/4 mu/200m row/3 mu/300m row/2 mu/400m row/1 mu/500m row


week in review

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last week was a week of retesting. two of my fav/least fav wods

diane 8:59

amanda 15:30

i’ve failed miserable in competition on these two particular workouts. both times were improvements, but they’re nowhere near where they need to be. would like cut them in half by the end of the year!

so all in all n…

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so all in all not a bad day, but not the greatest

bs – 245, 255f

sp – 110, 115 f

dl – 295f, 295


used to remember when i got excited about total days. haven’t felt that way in a while! have a feeling the tides could be turning!! 🙂