Month: August 2014


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run 400m 90% aero
rest walk 2:1 of work
x 5-6 sets all sets same pace
Was afraid of doing these all afternoon. I know I had a double rest interval and on most ppl’s terms ran slowly, but it was a big deal for me to finish 400’s as I haven’t completed repeats In the past year and a half. If I can keep a high hamstring issue on the right side under control I’m looking forward to more πŸ™‚

A. tall clean 3×3 build per set but perfect form and speed rest as needed
105/115/120 these are new and it was hard not to dip or initiate with the hips
B. FS 3×3 tough rest 2mins build to weight and stay the same
C1. BB front rack walk lunge you pick weight 14 steps; rest 1min build per set 75 all sets
C2. wtd chin up pronated; 3-4; rest 2mins x 4 30 for 4 reps all sets
5min amrap
110# SC and S2O
18 reps, had nothing left in the legs
20mins Z1 easy AD ride or walk
Cleaned and mopped the gym πŸ™‚



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Run 30mins easy pace

A. SJ from block or rack build to a max
210, 5# PR

B. DB external rotation @30X0 build to an 8rm both arms
25# on both
C. emom – 10mins
odd – Close grip bench press 70% of 1rm x 3-4 -125
even – wtd chin up x 2-3 70% of 1rm -30/35
worked late, will make up tomorrow
Row 500m
rest 90sec in rower
Row 500m
all out for the best possible rows

make up and monday

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Made up from Saturday:

lots have done this one before post to the blog please and lets see where you are
All out for time
50 DU
10 burpees
40 DU
10 burpees
30 DU
10 burpees
20 DU
10 burpees
10 DU
10 burpees
submit scores here with a link to the OPT blog –

Row 5k easy pace

A. back squat cluster 3. 3. 3; rest 20sec/rest 3mins x 4 build per set
135/155/165/185 the 20 sec β€œrest” between is with the barbell on back correct?

B. PC build to 80% of 1rm quick

C. 20 SC 155# for time

rest as needed

12mins 80-90% effort
HS walk 10m
FW 30m 2pd/hand
BB front rack walk lunge 10 steps


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A. PP x 1/PJ x 1/SJ x 1; rest 90sec build per set x 6 from blocks


B1. DB bench press stability ball 6-8; rest 30sec -8reps
B2. pendlay row @20X0; 6-8; rest 30sec -8reps
B3. GHD situps 15-20; rest 2mins x 3
5min amrap 95% effort
PC x 1 + PP x 1 + SJ x 1 – 115# (all done one after the other for it to count as one)
30 unbroken DU

5+1 broke on 4th set of du’s


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A. front squat 8, 8, 4, 4; rest 3mins
135, 135, 185, 185

B1. thruster 95# 10-15reps; rest 10sec
B2. 15 CTB chin ups; rest 3mins x 3


C. GHR @40X1; 6-8; rest 60sec x 3

i cramp instantly when i try these. are there any lead up exercises or do i just need to do them more?
12min amrap 85% effort
2 TGU 1.5pd 1/hand
3 DL 225#
Row 200m

5 rds


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AM- 40 mins AD slow

A. push press 5, 4, 3, 2, 1; rest 2-3mins
115, 125, 135, 145, 155
B. SJ from blocks build to a tough double in 15mins
175, missed second rep at 185
C1. DB bent torso row 6-8/arm; rest 60sec
40 for 8 reps each side all rds
C2. ring dip amrap – 1 practice kip; rest 60sec x 3

Row 30sec increase pace per 10sec last 10sec all out
rest 2-3mins x 4


monday on a tuesday

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A. BS @30X1; 8, 8, 6, 6, 4, 4; rest 3mins
8’s @155 6’s @185 4’s @235
B. emom – 6, 4, 2 of CTB chin and HSPU every min – 6mins

Got 6 and 5 first min, got 6 in second min. Having an increasing pain across the top/back of my right bicep. Can push and pull, just overhead strict or upside down is killing me right now
C. emom – 12mins
odd – PS TnG x 5 85# perfect form
even – HR push up 10-12
All 5
All q

rest as needed

for time all out
10 MU
15 PC and jerks 105#
20 burpee over the bar lateral
8:06. Mus took about 5+ to complete
15mins z1 AB
Various abwork