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A. Single Leg DB Step ups 18″ box; 8-10/leg x3; Rest as needed between legs – video from the front both legs last set please
25’s on 20″ box

B. Side Plank Clamshells; 8-10/side x5; Rest as needed between sides – tell me what side feels harder and in what way it feels harder. LMK about where you feel it as well. –
10 felt better

C. Deadbugs; 10-12/side x5; Rest 75 seconds – this should be very challenging. You have to control rib posture and exhale at the bottom of every rep. If it’s easy it means you are not doing it properly –

D. Side plank w/ rotation; 8-10/side; Rest as needed – think about pushing into the ground so your body pushes away from the earth. You are supposed to move your body around the shoulder blade, so make sure the arm stays stablized. If this hurts, let me know where and how (plus don’t do it)
10 felt more solid
15 minutes Z1 row @ 50% effort

AM weight – 159.5


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